Raft Survival Simulator for PC Windows and Mac OS X

What is Raft Survival Simulator for PC?

Raft Survival Simulator is an adventure game from the developers Raft survival simulator. The gameplay is simple but exciting at the same time. According to the story line you are stuck on raft in the middle of the ocean. There is nothing except lots of water and the dangerous ocean creatures.

Now you have to gather debris and utilize it to crave new equipment. So, you have to build axe, hammer, rope and other necessary stuff to create walls, pillars and shelters. You can also expand your raft in order to make it more cozy. At the same time, you have to take care of your health as well. For maintaining your health  cook food and filter sea water.

You need to be beware of all the dangerous creatures of ocean. There are big and wild sharks awaiting to destroy your boats and to eat you up. In Raft Survival Simulator app,  you craft, build and fight for your survival. A 3D game for Android and iOS users. However, you can play Raft Survival Simulator for Windows as well.

Raft Survival Simulator for Windows works just like on Android and iOS devices. Enjoy playing Raft Survival Simulator for PC anywhere and anytime as it is completely free. In addition to this, connect yourself with Facebook and share your scores with your friends. Here are simple and easy steps to download and install Raft Survival Simulator on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and your Mac OS X. Before going further, let’s have a glance over official features of Raft Survival Simulator for PC.

raft survival simulator for pc
Raft Survival Simulator PC

Official Features of Raft Survival Simulator for PC:

  • Gathering – Collect all necessary items from the ocean: tools, crafting materials, food and more!
  • Crafting and Building – Advanced crafting system: Items, Buildings, flooring, pillars, rafting stairs, tools, —weapons and more!
  • Cooking – Cook your food and filter the salt water!
  • Fishing – Try to catch fish and other sea animals to not die out of hunger!
  • Farming – Grow vegetables and palm trees!
  • Survival – Keep yourself alive at all costs!
  • Wilderness survival simulator 3D – Avoid or fight the mighty sea creatures such as the fearless shark!
  • A lot of activities to do – crafting, collecting materials, building, fishing, farming, cooking, fighting sharks!
  • Real adventure – amazing gameplay and lots of fun guaranteed!
  • Cool graphics and easy navigation – an easy and memorable game to play!

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How To Download and install Raft Survival Simulator for PC:

Step 1 – In order to run Raft Simulator on PC, you need to have an Android emulator on your device. Lots of emulators available in the market such as Bluestacks 2 , Bluestacks or Andy.

Bluestacks App Player Download

Free Download Bluestacks 2 App Player 

Download Raft Survival Simulator APK

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Step 2 – Install the emulator on your device. Just follow the instructions given in the software to install it successfully on your PC.

Step 3 – Once the emulator installed successfully, open it.

Step 4 – Now Download Raft Survival Simulator APK. Open Raft Survival Simulator APK with the emulator.

Step 5 – After few seconds the installation of Raft Survival Simulator app will start on your emulator. Once the installation completes, go to App Drawer and then to Raft Survival Simulator.

Step 6 – Double tap on the app icon to launch the app on your device.

Enjoy playing Raft Survival Simulator on PC.




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